London mayoral race 2021: UKIP pledge 8,000 extra police in London

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image captionPeter Gammons says he will "get police back out on the beat".

The UKIP candidate for mayor of London has pledged to hire an additional 8,000 Met Police officers if elected.

Peter Gammons said he would also "open police stations in every single community" in the capital.

Latest figures show there are nearly 33,000 officers and the mayor has a role in setting Met Police policy and staffing levels, as London's police and crime commissioner.

The election for mayor of London will take place on 6 May.


What's happening: On 6 May, people will vote to elect a mayor and 25 members of the London Assembly. Together they form the Greater London Authority, which governs the capital. You can register to vote online.

Why does it matter? The mayor has a £19bn budget, is responsible for transport and policing and has a role in housing, planning and the environment. The London Assembly holds the mayor to account. Find out more here.

Who is standing? There are 20 candidates running for London mayor and a full list can be found here.

Speaking at a campaign launch on Thursday, Mr Gammons said: "I'm looking to get police back out on the beat, back among the people."

And in his manifesto, he said: "Community Police Teams on the beat are a key to rebuilding trust.

"I also want to see police teams more reflective of each communities' ethnic demographics.

"The number one priority for the mayor must be to make our streets safe."

UKIP's manifesto also pledges to force developers and local authorities to pay for renovations on buildings with unsafe cladding in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire.

The party also pledges to build 100,000 starter homes in London to be sold for £150,000 each.