Body Coach Joe Wicks 'super grateful' to NHS after hand surgery

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Wicks had previously broken a bone in his hand after falling off his bike

The Body Coach has thanked NHS surgeons who treated him in hospital.

Joe Wicks, 33, needed to have wires removed from his hand after it became infected following an operation.

Wicks, who has been leading online PE lessons during lockdown, previously told his followers he broke his hand in a bicycle crash.

Wicks, who has raised about £200,000 for the NHS with his workouts, said he was "super grateful" to staff at Kingston Hospital.

Image source, @thebodycoach
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On Instagram, he showed an X-ray of his damaged hand

Speaking on Instagram, he said: "It doesn't matter how old you are, when you see a nurse or a doctor you instantly feel safe and calm and relaxed.

"I think it's amazing, the NHS people out here still grafting, still having to be around the Covid patients and it's just wonderful isn't it, that people are that kind to dedicate their lives to helping other people that are sick and unwell feel better."

On Friday, he described the pain in his hand as excruciating, adding: "I woke up all night... as it was throbbing and pulsating like liquid hot magma."

He went to hospital after he held his exercise class, saying he was inspired after seeing a young boy join in with his PE class, following an operation he underwent at Great Ormond Street Hospital.