Coronavirus: Camberwell church continuing to sell fake Covid-19 cure

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Bishop Climate Wiseman is the head preacher at the south London church

A church in London has continued selling a fake Covid-19 cure, despite being under investigation by the charity watchdog.

The Charity Commission launched a probe into the Kingdom Church, in south London, earlier this month for selling coronavirus "protection kits".

But instead of stopping the sale, the church renamed the kits and is now selling "divine cleansing oil".

The church said it was "convinced" the oil cured Covid-19.

Bishop Climate Wiseman, of the Kingdom Church which is based in Camberwell, claimed his kits - a bottle of oil and some red yarn, priced at £91 - would protect his followers from the virus.

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The kits are priced at £91

When the story came to light, the Charity Commission, which regulates charities in England and Wales, as well as Trading Standards launched an investigation into the church for selling the fake cure.

But BBC London, posing as a customer this week, found the church was still selling so-called "divine cleansing oil" which it says prevents and cures Covid-19 if taken three times a day.

In secretly-recorded conversations, BBC London was told the oil would work if inhaled via a towel or hot water in a bowl.

An employee of the Kingdom Church said on the phone: "We are helping the nation.

"We are convinced this cures coronavirus. We have sold nearly 2,000 of these."

The Charity Commission said it continued to "examine serious concerns about Kingdom Church GB" and was investigating the charity's involvement in the sale of "false Covid-19 protection devices".

Trading Standards are also carrying out an investigation.

Asked whether it was looking into the church, the Metropolitan Police said it was a matter for Trading Standards rather than itself since it involved the sale of goods.

The Charity Commission said it had been liaising with Southwark Council's trading standards department, which in turn confirmed it was investigating the issue.

Southwark Council said there were "many scams relating to Covid-19" and warned consumers should "be on guard for bogus test kits, cures and treatments and other financial scams".

Former Met Police inspector Peter Kirham said: "This is dangerous.

"I can't believe that people are so callous and reckless with personal and public safety - to put this product on the market, with the claims that go with it."

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