Soho WW2 bomb: Streets closed for second time in 24 hours

Road closures on Tuesday Image copyright Twitter/@SteffanHonour
Image caption A police cordon was put up around Dean Street again on Tuesday, following similar closures on Monday

Several streets in central London were cordoned off for a second time in 24 hours when part of an unexploded World War Two bomb was found.

The ordnance was discovered during building work on Monday, prompting the evacuation of buildings in Soho.

On Tuesday, Scotland Yard confirmed on Twitter "another part of yesterday's WW2 ordnance [has] been discovered".

Properties on Dean Street, Richmond Mews, Meard Street and St Anne's Court were evacuated.

Roads have since reopened and those evacuated have returned to their homes and businesses.

Steffan Honour, 27, was among those evacuated from a building on Dean Street on Tuesday.

"Everyone was really calm," the engineer said.

"From looking at the other people being evacuated, it seemed there was almost a sense of annoyance and frustration - this being the second day of disruption, rather than mass panic.

"I think police were trying to instil urgency, but people were just wandering along, oblivious to the danger."

Image caption Hundreds of people were evacuated from properties across Soho on Monday

Another witness described "a lot of baffled and vaguely irritable businessmen gathering outside their offices", while "others seemed very happy to go home early".

"It's a little disconcerting that we were allowed back in the building so soon after yesterday, not to mention the fact that it's been there for over 80 years," they added.

The second discovery came after the Ministry of Defence (MoD) dispatched an Army explosive ordnance disposal team on Monday, which confirmed the bomb had been "safe to remove overnight to a location where it [would] be detonated."

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