Golden retrievers see Barnes station go 'barking mad'

Bunch of golden retriever dogs at Barnes stationImage source, Emma Potter
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"Andrex reunion?" No, just dogs on a calendar photo shoot at Barnes station

Commuters thought they were going barking mad when they saw a line-up of dogs posing for photos on a platform.

However, the golden retrievers were canine models taking part in a photo shoot at Barnes railway station in west London.

Commuters expressed their delight on social media at seeing so many of the popular pooches in one place.

The photo shoot was one of several in the area for a 2020 calendar to raise money for Battersea Dogs Home.

Image source, Farrah & Pearce
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Puppy love: February in the calendar features Harry and Magic at Olympic Studios cinema in Barnes

The platform picture has been viewed and liked 30,000 times online, generating some inevitable doggie puns.

Emma Potter, 27, who lives in the Barnes, snapped a photo of the dogs at the unused platform on Sunday afternoon.

"At first I couldn't see any humans about and thought what on earth is going on!

"Of course they were just a slight distance away but it was really comical. The dogs were very well behaved though," she added.

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The photo was widely shared online

Photographers, Sophie Farrah and Tom Pearce said it took them three days to shoot the charity calendar and contrary to the old adage, it was a pleasure working with the animals.

But when pressed Mr Pearce did admit there were a few divas amongst the younger ones, but nothing a few treats did not sort out.

"On the whole no one went rogue, there were no make-up issues, no back-chat, apart from a little incident in one of the cafes," he confessed.

Image source, Farrah & Pearce
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Is it the Beagles?

The calendar was the idea of Ann Mullins, owner of golden retriever called Magic.

She set up a Barnes Whatsapp group, The BG's, after discovering the area was a bit of a golden retriever hotspot. The group now has 39 members.

She was delighted with the social media response and hoped calendar sales in local shops would raise a lot of money.

"Ours are very well-cared for, very happy, pampered pooches. Unfortunately, there are many dogs out there that are not and it would be very satisfying if we managed to raise a decent sum for a dog charity," she said.

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