New Tube announcements urge commuters to offer their seats

Corry Shaw Image copyright TfL
Image caption Transport for London has announced its support for Corry Shaw's "Look Up" campaign

A new Tube announcement will urge passengers to look around them to check if others might need to sit down.

Commuter Corry Shaw said she has been pushed to tears in the past when people ignored her plea to be given a seat.

Transport for London (TfL) has said it will be supporting Ms Shaw's "Look Up" campaign and will run the announcement for the next few months.

More than 4,000 people signed a petition urging TfL to introduce the announcements.

Ms Shaw has limited mobility and lives with chronic pain which means she needs a seat when travelling.

Although she uses a "Please offer me a seat" badge, she said many commuters avoid eye contact or do not take notice of others around them.

The announcement which will be played in stations and carriages is: "Please look up to see if anyone needs your seat more than you do."

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Media captionCampaigner urges Tube commuters to offer their seats

TfL said 84% of passengers who use the badges have an invisible condition.

Ms Shaw said: "When I emailed TfL a month ago I never dreamed that it would lead to a real change in the public transport system, but the message seems to resonate with people and I've had support from all over the country."

Deputy Mayor of London Heidi Alexander said on Twitter that she was "delighted" by the news, while Mayor Sadiq Khan said it will help make transport in the capital "genuinely accessible for everyone".

Other social media users have also praised Ms Shaw for her campaign...

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