Sophie Lionnet murder: Accused 'had sex near nanny's body'

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Sophie Lionnet's body was found on a bonfire in her employers' garden

A couple accused of murdering their French nanny had sex as she lay dead on a nearby bed, a court has heard.

Sabrina Kouider told the Old Bailey she cried when her partner Ouissem Medouni said he wanted to have sex following Sophie Lionnet's death.

Ms Lionnet's burned body was found in her employers' garden at their family home in Southfields, south-west London.

The 35-year-old and Mr Medouni, 40, admit burning Ms Lionnet's body, but deny her murder.

Ms Kouider claimed her partner tortured the 21-year-old au pair by dunking her head in a saucepan of water in the bathroom.

She said she was then told to lie to police by Mr Medouni when Ms Lionnet's body was found on a bonfire in the garden.

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Ouissem Medouni and Sabrina Kouider deny murder

"Everything I done (sic), I did it for him," Ms Kouider told the court.

"He wanted to have sex with me. I'm even shocked to talk about it," she said.

Asked by Mr Medouni's barrister Orlando Pownall QC if she was talking "nonsense" she replied: "I said 'What are you doing?' When he finished he said he was so stressed."

"I was shocked. I was not myself. I didn't say 'don't do that' but I was crying while he was doing that," she said.

'Sexually abused cat'

Mr Pownall then suggested the two defendants' cases were "mirror images" of each other, with both blaming the other for being violent towards Ms Lionnet on the evening she died.

Ms Kouider replied that she "was not violent" and had also "never made a false accusation against anybody".

When asked about a diagnosis in May 2017 of depression and borderline personality disorder the 35-year-old admitted she had not been "well".

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Sophie Lionnet's body was found after neighbours raised concerns about a fire in a back garden

Mr Pownall told the defendant she made up "dreadful stories about people, often of a sexual nature" and picked on "weak" people.

He spoke about a number of police reports from when Ms Kouider was living with founder member of Boyzone Mark Walton, including allegations she made that he sexually abused her cat.

"Are you seriously suggesting Mr Walton sexually abused the cat? We have heard the evidence of Mr Walton, you didn't have a cat and he did not sexually abuse it," he said.

Ms Kouider told the court she was "not crazy" and "not losing my mind".

She also denied she was obsessed with Mr Walton and had been more concerned about her fashion business than thinking about her music mogul ex-boyfriend when they broke up.

The court has heard the defendants became convinced Miss Lionnet was in league with Mr Walton and conspired with him to drug and molest the family before her death.

Ms Kouider and Mr Medouni have admitted perverting the course of justice but deny murder.

The trial continues.

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