Man, 85, has TfL fine quashed over 'emergency pee'

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Transport for London issued Michael Nyman with a £130 fine

An 85-year-old man had a £130 parking fine quashed, after arguing he had the right to park illegally in central London in order to relieve himself.

Michael Nyman was driving near Regent's Park on 15 November, 2017 when he felt "his bladder could have burst."

Transport for London (TfL) issued him with the ticket after saying Mr Nyman had parked illegally.

The fine was cancelled by an adjudicator who ruled that going to the toilet can constitute an emergency.

Mr Nyman said while driving he became in desperate need of the toilet and parked his car outside a florist on Park Road, where he dashed inside to use the loo.

"I am a human being, and I just felt my bladder could have burst," Mr Nyman, from Hindhead, Surrey, said.

"As Shakespeare once said to pee or not to pee, so I was going from instinct and was thinking about the laws of nature and not the laws of traffic."

'Emergency situation'

Current laws say it is illegal to park on pavements in London unless authorised to do so by the police, the vehicle is broken down or where there is an "emergency situation".

Mr Nyman described the fine as "ludicrous", arguing he was not causing an obstruction and felt his need to pee was an emergency as he could have caused a crash unless he relieved himself.

He added: "I was not going to pay £65 let alone £130 for the privilege.

"I wasn't going to cave in and I was determined to show my case.

"This has been hanging over me since November, so it was so pleasing to be given the all-clear."

TfL said it had nothing further to add.

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