Wembley murder: Three guilty over 'dirty look' killing

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image captionDjodjo Nsaka was killed outside his halls of residence near to Wembley Stadium

Three men have been found guilty of stabbing a student to death outside his halls of residence over a row about a dirty look.

Djodjo Nsaka and two others were set upon as they returned to Middlesex University in Wembley on 20 January.

Donald Davies and Mukeh Kawa, both 21 from Colindale, were found guilty of murder at the Old Bailey.

Ali Tas, 21 from Colindale, was cleared of murder but convicted of manslaughter.

The court heard Mr Nsaka lived with Daniel Tamfuri and Chris Bonda in a halls of residence near to Wembley Stadium.

On 18 January they had been walking through their university when Kawa passed by and gave a "screw-face" look at Mr Tamfuri.

Traffic cone

When the group asked a friend of Kawa's why he had angrily stared at them, she accused Mr Tamfuri of giving him the same expression.

The jury heard Mr Tamfuri then said to her that Kawa should "be humble" and she replied: "Don't worry, I will tell him."

Later that night when the three friends were in Camden, the defendants arrived at the halls to search for them.

The court was told a security guard overheard them tell Mr Tamfuri's girlfriend: "I don't beat girls, bring your boyfriend. I'm gonna kill him."

Mr Nsaka and his friends later returned home in the early hours of the morning and were set upon by the defendants.

Tas shouted "humble who" at them and punched Mr Bonda in the face while Kawa tried to stab him with a large knife, the Old Bailey heard.

Davies was also seen to produce a knife.

The jury heard Mr Nsaka shouted at the men to stop and threw a traffic cone at them but the 19 year old was attacked as his friends fled into the halls.

Davies, Kawa and Tas will be sentenced on Thursday.

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