Dalston Kingsland train evacuated over smoking battery pack

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A smoking battery pack caused a rush-hour "crush" on a commuter train as passengers scrambled for the exit.

Four people were injured in the panic, at Dalston Kingsland station, north London, at about 07:10 GMT.

The pack, part of a workman's drill, was dealt with by fire crews. The station had to be evacuated.

Passenger Robert Kabali, 25, said: "Everybody was shouting 'run, run' and I thought I was running for my life."

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Image caption Emergency crews extinguished the smoking battery pack
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Image caption Four people were treated for minor injuries, London Ambulance Service said

Mr Kabali, a forklift truck driver, from Plaistow, near Canning Town, who was in the first carriage, told BBC News: "I was getting off the train and walking along the platform thinking, there seems to be a fight or something up ahead, people were looking at something."

He continued: "Then I saw people running. It all happened so quickly.

"People were shouting, 'run, run'. We didn't know what we were running from, but everyone started running. I thought maybe it was someone with a gun shooting? It looked like it was really serious.

"People were running, shouting, falling over and getting crushed. I ran on to the tracks and over to the other side of the platform with some other people.

"Looking back now, I guess that was quite dangerous but... I thought I was running for my life.

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Image caption London Fire Brigade said the situation was under control by 07:24 GMT

"Then after a while everyone was silent and someone else said they saw a man was smoking from his backpack in one of the coaches. People were shouting 'bomb, bomb'."

In a statement, the London Fire Brigade said: "Firefighters have dealt with a small incident on a train at Dalston Kingsland station this morning.

"A workman's drill had overheated and started smoking. Firefighters extinguished the battery and placed it in a bucket of sand."

London Ambulance Service said it treated "four patients for minor injuries, including head, leg and arm injuries, and took them to a hospital in east London".

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Image copyright Adam Gnych

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