#Awkward Kingston Police burglary letter gets mixed response

Kingston Police tweet Image copyright PA

A police force's open letter to a suspected burglar - which included emojis and hashtags - has met with a mixed response online.

Kingston Police tweeted the note addressed to Tracey Dyke, who is suspected of multiple burglaries, accusing her of "blanking" them.

Some users applauded the "novel" social media appeal, while others accused the Met of "public shaming".

Police said Ms Dyke was a suspect in crimes involving "vulnerable victims".

Officers posted the appeal, featuring a photograph of Ms Dyke, and the caption: "Please stop ignoring us Tracey".

'Hip school teacher'

In a two-page letter appealing for her to contact detectives, they wrote: "We have come round to see you a number of times recently but it looks like you'd rather not speak to us, which is very disappointing.

"We have a slight suspicion that you might be blanking us #Awkward. You don't text, you don't call back and haven't accepted our friend request."

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They added: "We won't stand for this and want to have a discussion with you at our custody suite."

Met Police borough commander Nick Downing congratulated Kingston Police on its "very innovative" appeal.

"Sure the brilliant communities of #Kingston will help track this suspect down," he wrote.

But others were less impressed with the tone of the letter, and accused the force of being "unprofessional" by using hashtags and emoji.

Christina wrote: "This reads like what a school teacher types up on a newsletter to try and be hip and cool but just comes across as awkward".