PC Gordon Semple death: Stefano Brizzi 'spent days' with body

File court artist sketch of Stefano Brizzi at the Old Bailey on 13 April 2016 Image copyright PA
Image caption Stefano Brizzi said previously he had HIV and had been told by Satan to "kill, kill, kill"

A man accused of cooking and eating parts of a police officer told detectives he spent "days" dealing with the body, a court has heard.

Stefano Brizzi, 50, is accused of strangling PC Gordon Semple, 59, and attempting to dispose of the remains in an acid bath.

He told detectives he "thought he was getting away with it" when he cut up Mr Semple's body, jurors heard.

Mr Brizzi denies murder, claiming the PC died in a "sex game gone wrong".

Jurors watched video footage of Mr Brizzi, 50, talking to officers following his arrest on 7 April.

Six days earlier at his south London flat, he allegedly strangled Mr Semple, from Greenhithe, Kent.

He was trying to dissolve dismembered body parts in an acid bath when police called round to investigate complaints of a putrid smell, the trial heard.

Image copyright Metropolitan Police
Image caption Gordon Semple had served with the Met Police for 30 years

In the video, Mr Brizzi was asked by the custody sergeant if he had taken any drugs in the last 24 hours.

He replied: "Yes, I took crystal meth yesterday when I was thinking I should get rid of the corpse.

"Four days have passed by and nobody had seen or said anything. I thought I was getting away with it."

He added: "I had nearly finished but I took a shot, I was going to finish the job today.

"As you can see this man was a very big man and all I have left is two buckets."

As the CCTV video was being played, Mr Brizzi broke down in the dock and sobbed with his head in his hands.

Earlier in the interview, Mr Brizzi had confirmed his personal details and told officers he had HIV and Hepatitis C and that he had been using crystal meth since 2013.

'You must kill'

Mr Brizzi said he was on crystal meth when a "very clear voice said you must kill, you must kill, you must kill".

After being reminded of his legal rights, he said it was the "truth" and could be used as evidence.

He went on: "I am just mentioning this simply because the murder was dictated to me while I was high on drugs."

He added: "Just one thing, my bath tub has been unusable for days. I would appreciate a shower."

The trial continues.

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