Heathrow protesters stage 'die-in' demo over airport expansion

'Die-in' protest at Heathrow terminal 2 Image copyright PA
Image caption The so-called 'die-in' protest at Heathrow Terminal 2

More than a hundred climate change protesters have held a "die-in" demonstration at Heathrow Airport against plans for airport expansion.

Campaigners from Reclaim the Power wore masks and carried posters as they lay down at Terminal 2 in west London.

The protest comes as the government is set to decide in the next few weeks whether to expand Heathrow or Gatwick.

Cyclists dressed in red also rode to Harmondsworth Detention Centre as part of the protest to highlight migration.

A "picnic" demonstration was also held at Gatwick airport earlier in the day as part of the series of activities by climate change campaigners.

Airports expansion 'irresponsible'

The events coincide with protests against airport expansion across the world as the International Civil Aviation Organisation hold a conference addressing the impact of aviation.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Protesters are against any airport expansion

The activists wanted to highlight how communities were affected by climate change and the link between climate change and migration.

Image copyright PA
Image caption Critical Mass cyclists rode to an immigration removal centre near Heathrow

Mary Adams from Reclaim the Power, said: "Expanding airports is completely irresponsible and will bring us out of reach of our own targets to stop climate change.

Image copyright PA
Image caption Protesting outside Harmondsworth Detention Centre they wanted to highlight the link with migration

"Expanding Heathrow is incompatible with creating a fairer and more equal world."

The hour-long demonstration at Heathrow went off peacefully and the airport said there were no disruptions.

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