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Rare Ferrari given parking ticket while being pictured in Kensington Mews

image copyrightFiskens
image captionThe car had been placed outside its specialist's base when the wardens approached

A rare Ferrari racing car worth about £10m was given a parking ticket after the owners rolled it into a Mews to take some photos.

Historic car specialists Fiskens said they placed the car for a "short time" outside their Kensington headquarters when two traffic wardens approached.

The firm said the wardens were "adamant" the 45-year-old vehicle should be given a £120 fine.

Kensington and Chelsea Council said it was "issued as it would in any case".

Acquisition specialist Rory Henderson said the company were always "super-careful" not to obstruct others who use the Mews when moving their vehicles around.

A council spokesman said the photographer agreed to move the Ferrari but "no attempt was made" within the "statutory five-minute observation period".

image copyrightFiskens
image captionThe 12 cylinder, five litre racing car was first sold in April 1970

The car, a 1970 Ferrari 512M, is still in working condition and was recently raced at the Le Mans Classic.

According to Fiskens, it has a "remarkable history" having been raced in the 1970 and 1971 Le Mans races.

In 1977, it set a new record after Robert Horne drove the car 192mph over a flying mile.

Fiskens call it "a superb example of one of Maranello's finest sports competition cars".

image copyrightFiskens
image captionFiskens say the area has a long tradition for the sale of historic classic cars

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