Muslim mother overruled in 'vaccine containing pork' case

A British Muslim who refused to immunise her children on religious grounds has been overruled by a judge.

The mother-of-four said her children should not be immunised with the vaccines as they contain pork gelatin.

Judge Carol Atkinson said it transpired there was no pork in the vaccines.

The children have been taken into care by the London Borough of Newham and have been directed to live in London with their father who is separated from his wife.

Paranoid behaviour

Judge Atkinson said the children, who cannot be identified, had missed "a variety of immunisations".

In making the order, the judge said the mother had now given her consent for the immunisations but was prone to changing her mind.

She said Newham Council social services was asked to intervene by worried neighbours who reported hearing persistent crying from next door and hearing the mother shouting abuse at her children.

Judge Atkinson said the mother, who was in her 20s, was emotionally volatile and displayed aggressive, paranoid behaviour.

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