London mayoral election: At-a-glance policy guide

Find out more about what the London mayoral candidates are promising in May's election.

  • Double home-building to 50,000 a year by 2020
  • Protect the green belt from development
  • Deliver funds Transport for London has said it needs to upgrade Tube and reduce overcrowding
  • No increase in the mayor-controlled element of council tax
  • Vote for the UK to leave the EU
  • Ensure half of all new homes in London are affordable
  • Give Londoners "first dibs" on buying new homes
  • Freeze all Transport for London fares at 2016 prices for four years
  • Recruit more police from black and minority ethnic communities and drive down unnecessary use of stop and search
  • Campaign for the UK to stay in the EU
  • Reduce the number of travel zones and introduce flat fares by 2025
  • Set up an independent London renters' union to help protect private tenants
  • Raise the congestion charge by 60% to help pay for plans to reduce fares on public transport
  • Close City Airport and use the land for homes and businesses
  • Campaign for the UK to stay in the EU
  • Introduce half-price fares for journeys that start by 07:30
  • Cancel plans for a Garden Bridge across the Thames between Temple and South Bank
  • Ban all HGVs and construction vehicles from central London in peak hours
  • Introduce a workplace parking levy in central London and Canary Wharf to tackle congestion
  • Campaign for the UK to stay in the EU
  • Offer social housing and the chance to buy houses on GLA land only to those who have lived in the borough for five years
  • Reduce translation services in order to encourage integration
  • Campaign to introduce an Australian-style points migration system to relieve pressure on London's housing market
  • Support use of stop and search to tackle youth crime
  • Campaign for the UK to leave the EU

All five of these candidates are opposed to a third runway at Heathrow.

Find out more about all the candidates in the London elections.

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