Tube passengers refuse to get off faulty District Line train

Tube overcrowding at Seven Sisters
Image caption Seven Sisters station was evacuated because of overcrowding, impacting on the Victoria Line

Rush-hour Tube commuters refused to get off a faulty train at Plaistow station despite announcements urging them to do so, causing a queue of trains.

"Delays on the District Line because some geniuses think staying on a broken down train will get them to work faster," passenger Joe C tweeted.

Transport for London (TfL) said such an incident was "not normally a problem".

Passengers at Seven Sisters also claimed they were "crushed" on Monday morning when the station was evacuated.

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At 07:30 GMT, commuters were told to empty the train at Plaistow, in east London, because there was a fault with one of the driver's safety lights.

TfL said: "There were passengers who refused to get off."

They said passengers usually understood that if the train had to be taken out of service, they needed to get off so it could be fixed.

"We had a queue of trains behind that service," TfL added.

Further morning rush-hour disruption happened in north London at Seven Sisters station, which was evacuated because of overcrowding, impacting on the Victoria Line.

One passenger, Tasha Demi, tweeted: "Maddest journey into work today thanks to Seven Sisters station and the Victoria Line. People getting crushed on escalators and then evacuated."

Steve Griffiths, chief operating officer for London Underground, apologised for the disruption to the Victoria Line.

He added: "This was caused by a signal failure at Victoria station and has now been resolved by our technical staff."

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