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Lumiere London transforms the city with flying fish, giant flowers and 3D elephant


London has been illuminated by its first festival of light, featuring 30 artists.

Light installations have been placed at locations around the city including Piccadilly, Mayfair, King's Cross, Trafalgar Square and Westminster.

Lumiere London runs from 18:30 GMT to 22:30 on Saturday and Sunday.

The art installations include a life-size 3D elephant, human figures floating in the sky, giant fish, LED stickmen and stars.

The festival has been developed by creative producers Artichoke.

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image captionEthereal figures float through the sky at St James's Square
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image captionVisitors walking through Soho can see light bulbs hanging above their heads
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image captionGiant fish can be seen in the sky near Piccadilly
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image captionLeicester Square has been transformed into a garden of light
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image captionA jellyfish-like shape can be seen over Oxford Circus

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