Grandmother disarms teenager's Lambeth bus knife attacker

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Media captionAttempted stabbing on Lambeth bus

A grandmother disarmed a female attacker who lunged at her 15-year-old grandson with a knife on a south London bus.

The 51-year-old was with her grandson on a Route 133 bus on Brixton Road, Lambeth, when he was targeted.

A woman who was already on the bus approached the youth and tried to stab him with a large knife, police said.

CCTV footage has been released of the failed stabbing attempt at about 12:30 GMT on Boxing Day.

The boy suffered a minor cut to the stomach before the attacker left the bus and ran towards Oval.

Police described the attacker as an Asian woman, aged between 20 and 30, wearing a headscarf with a kangaroo print.

Image copyright Met Police
Image copyright Met Police