Mayfair jewellers smash and grab raid: Moped gang in 'brazen' robbery

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Media captionMayfair robbery

A moped-riding gang armed with machetes and hammers have smashed their way into a high-end jewellers in London's Mayfair in a "brazen" armed robbery.

Four men targeted the Avery Row jewellers at about 10:15 GMT with two men using sledgehammers and pickaxes to gain entry while the riders stood guard threatening passers-by.

BBC correspondent Nick Beake said about £500,000 worth of watches and jewellery was taken.

Police said one man had been arrested.

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Image caption A man waved a pickaxe outside the jewellers
Image caption A sledgehammer was left lying on the floor following the armed robbery

Describing the robbery as "brazen" the Met said the suspects had ridden towards the jewellers from Brook's Mews.

Eyewitness Sean McGarton said: "Four guys pulled up on two scooters... and they basically smashed their way into the building.

"Two of them remained smashing inside the building... while another two, stood at each side of the building waving their weapons.

"One was waving a knife, the other was waving the sledgehammer - warning people not to come by. It was all over within a minute."

Image caption The external and some internal windows were smashed in the raid

Police said five members of staff were inside the newly-opened shop at the time, but no one was injured and it is not yet known the value of the items stolen.

One man was arrested nearby in Portland Place.

Sam Jones, who saw it happen, said: "Along Portland Place he took off his motorcycle outfit and he stopped running and started walking.

"More policemen were coming up the opposite end of Portland Place, they told him to get on the ground, and he did, and they then started to arrest him."

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