Cartoon: The Hatton Garden Job

The plot was hatched on Friday nights in a pub in Islington and nearby café.

A mystery man with red hair, known only as Basil, let the burglars into Hatton Garden through a fire escape.

The gang, many over 60, climbed down a lift shaft to get past a security gate.

Over two nights they broke into the vault, ransacking boxes of jewels, gold and cash.

Afterwards, they loaded the loot into a getaway van and fled early on Easter Sunday.

They found inventive places to hide the £14m stash - a casserole dish and a cemetery.

But detectives had bugged Perkins' car and the secret tapes helped bring the gang down.

Police followed the gang and swooped as they took the loot to a north London safe house.

Later, Jones showed police where he'd hidden his share in Edmonton cemetery but he kept quiet about a larger stash police knew was buried nearby.

The game was up and the ringleaders admitted plotting the raid.