Baby showered in glass in Croydon cyclist 'road-rage' act

image copyrightRhiannon Gautama
image captionJasper was in the back seat when the window was smashed but he was not injured

A mother has described the "terrifying" moment a cyclist smashed her car window spraying glass over her three-month-old son in an alleged act of road rage.

Rhiannon Gautama was travelling in a car along Croydon Road in south London during Monday morning rush-hour.

She said a cyclist thumped the car roof as he passed and when the car overtook him she leaned out of the window and told him to be more considerate.

Moments later, the cyclist caught up with the car and smashed the window.

"It was terrifying," Miss Gautama said.

She had been supervising her partner Barnaby Reardon, 33, who is a learner driver, as he drove to work.

Their son Jasper was in the back seat.

Deeply shaken

Miss Gautama said: "My partner saw the cyclist get his bicycle lock and smash the car window that shattered all over the inside of the car.

"I was in complete shock. I checked on Jasper to make sure he was ok, then I called the police straight away.

"Jasper was asleep the whole time but when I took him out of his car seat there was all this glass falling out of the seat everywhere, but he was just smiling.

"I guess, in hindsight the cyclist may have thought we were too far on his side of the road and there wasn't enough room to get past us, but he still managed to cycle past us.

"When we caught up with him I leaned out of the window and said: 'Have some consideration, we've got 'L' plates on and a baby in the back'.

"Then we hit more traffic and I turned to my partner and said, 'he's going to catch up with us,' but I had no idea he was going to smash the window."

Jasper was uninjured but the family was deeply shaken by the experience.

"I think I will never say anything again, you just don't know who you are speaking to," she added.

The Met said it was investigating but no arrests have been made yet.

Miss Gautama said the cyclist had long blonde hair worn in a pony tail and was wearing a bright yellow jacket, see-through cycling glasses and black cycling shorts.

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