New York Jets NFL team ship 350 toilet rolls to London

New York jets' running back Chris Ivory during training at London Irish ground in south west London Image copyright AP

The New York Jets shipped their own toilet paper to London for their clash with the Miami Dolphins, as they were warned British paper was "very thin".

New York Times sports reporter Ben Shpigel was writing an article about the logistics of bringing the NFL team over and obtained the shipping list.

It recorded 350 rolls of toilet paper along with other items such as cereal.

Mr Shpigel told the BBC the toilet rolls were ordered for the players' use in the hotel and at Wembley Stadium.

'Creatures of habit'

He said the order had been included on the recommendation of an intern.

Mr Shpigel said this was how it was explained to him by the Jets' senior manager of team operations Aaron Degerness: "There was an intern who had been over to London numerous times.

"He noticed when he was there that - and I quote - 'the toilet paper was very thin because their plumbing isn't as good'.

"So, the intern informed the operations staff, and the Jets ordered 350 rolls of toilet paper for the hotel and the stadium."

Mr Shpigel said the players and coaches were "such creatures of habit" and the Jets' had wanted to replicate as best they could their operation in the US.

"More than anything I think it speaks to the level of detail to which the Jets approached the planning.

"Basically, if they could so something that they thought the travelling party would appreciate, then they would," he added.

The club declined to comment when the BBC contacted them earlier.

The Jets arrived in London earlier and play the Dolphins at Wembley on Sunday.

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