In pictures: London Zoo animals line up for stock take

Tigers, penguins and crocodiles have all lined up to be counted as part of London Zoo's annual stock take.

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Sumaratan tiger cubs were just one of the 750 species counted.

The stock take confirmed the zoo has five Sumatran tigers, of which three are cubs.

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The count included 70 Humboldt penguins and one rockhopper.

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Monday's count found there were 21 red-kneed spiders, including this Mexican one.

Although it is undertaken once a year, keepers have an inventory which is updated continuously.

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The zoo has five llamas; four adults, one cria [baby]. There are also three alpacas.

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The compulsory count is required as part of the zoo's licence.

The results - including those of the Bolivian black capped squirrel monkeys pictured above and below - are logged into the International Species Information System (ISIS) where the data is then shared with other zoos.

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Last year's count found there were 16,869 animals from 758 different species.

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Pictured above is a six month old Philippine crocodile, one of six that were the first of their kind to hatch in the UK.

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