London 2014 homicide rate 'to fall below 100'

Officers from the Metropolitan Police The Met Police said the reduction was down to intelligence-led policing and early medical intervention

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The number of homicides in London could fall below 100 in a year for the first time in more than 40 years, according to the Met Police.

There have been 93 homicides since January 2014, compared with more than 200 from January to December in 2001.

With a 2014 average of two a week it is "unlikely" there will be more than 100 by the end of the year, police said.

Officers said the reduction was down to intelligence-led policing and early medical intervention.

Targeting gangs

Det Ch Supt Mick Duthie, head of the Homicide Command, said: "It's taking guns off streets, it is intelligence-led policing to target gangs, stop and search.

"It is our professional response within the homicide command to make sure if offences do take place, we prosecute people.

"All these things together have helped us as an organisation reduce the incident of homicide."

Homicide rates include murder, manslaughter, corporate manslaughter and infanticide offences.

In 2001 the number of homicides was more than 200, while in 1970 it was 105, according to the Met's statistics.

There are no official figures for the 1960s, but the Met Police believe it was lower than 100.

Dr Gareth Grier London Air Ambulance work to ensure the system is set up to deal with injured patients

Dr Gareth Grier, a consultant from the London Air Ambulance, said: "The whole system in London is set up to deal specifically for injured patients.

"In a patient who is likely to die as a result of an injury, the clock starts ticking right from the time of that injury and some of those patients can pass away within minutes of their injury - and getting the right people there at the right time is crucial."

"Up to 18% of patients who would have previously died at the scene of an accident are surviving due to early interventions at the roadside," he added.


London homicide statistics

  • 2013 - 101
  • 2012 - 102
  • 2011 - 116
  • 2010 - 114
  • 2009 - 128
  • 2008 - 147
  • 2007 - 155

Metropolitan Police statistics


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