Policeman shot while confronting suspect in Welling

A police constable has been shot while confronting a man suspected of drinking and driving in south-east London.

Officers were called to reports of a car hitting other vehicles on Westwood Lane, in Welling, on Friday night. The driver was then seen leaving the scene.

When police stopped a man matching his description, he produced a revolver and shot the PC in the hand, the Met said.

The PC's colleague was able to disarm and arrest the man. Both officers went to hospital and were later discharged.

'Did not shirk'

Sources have told the BBC, the man had been pointing the gun in the direction of one of the police officers' heads and the other officer was shot in the hand as he tried to wrestle the gun away.

The 51-year-old alleged gunman is being held on suspicion of attempted murder and drinking and driving.

A handgun and ammunition were recovered at the scene, the Met said.

Borough Commander of Bexley Peter Ayling said: "Last night's incident highlights the dangers that police officers can face as they go about their job.

"My officers, knowing they were faced with a man in possession of a firearm, did not shirk from their duty to protect Londoners.

"They bravely confronted this man, disarmed him and arrested him - I cannot praise their courage enough."

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