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David Lammy hopes to stand for London mayor in 2016

image captionTottenham MP David Lammy said he wanted to tackle housing issues in the capital

Former minister David Lammy has announced he would like to become Labour's candidate for London mayor.

The Tottenham MP said he wanted to tackle "complex and contentious issues" like housing, which is why he decided to compete for the candidacy in 2016.

In a new report, Mr Lammy is calling for affordable housing to be linked to average earnings in each borough .

The MP said the lack of homes in the capital was a "critical issue" and required a "bold solution".

"We are facing some complex and contentious issues, which require a grown up and serious debate - issues like how we reclassify greenbelt land that doesn't live up to its name and changing how we define affordability," he said.

"It's big issues like this that will define the future of London and working on this has led me to declare my intention to run for Mayor of London."

'Opportunities for everyone'

Mr Lammy said he stated year ago that he was considering running for the mayor's job and had helmed the campaign for Ken Livingstone in 2012.

"I began my political career 14 years ago on the GLA (Greater London Authority) and I have been closely associated with the mayoralty for many years... I wanted to be honest and be clear that when the time comes I will seek my nomination."

Explaining why he felt he was the right candidate for the job, he said: "I have seen London from all angles. It's a long way from Tottenham to City Hall and the son of a single mother, but I want a London where everyone has the opportunities that I have had in my life.

"I want to continue to represent the people of Tottenham but I realise now that there is actually another stage, the mayoralty, where I can represent their interests and other Londoners and start to speak about the issues and actually do something about them."

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