Judge issues £10,000 warning to London man in divorce row


A judge has given a man a £10,000 incentive to help his ex-wife find four pieces of missing jewellery.

Mr Justice Holman said his wife will get the extra cash from house sale proceedings if they are not found.

The High Court judge is adjudicating in the case because the London academics have been arguing over their assets since their divorce.

The woman said her ex-husband "concealed" the £15,000 of jewellery, but he claimed she "lost them".

The judge told the man he has until 16 December to help find the three rings and a bracelet.

'Magically' reappear

Mr Justice Holman had already ruled the woman should receive 80% from the sale of their house, which was valued at £350,000.

Speaking to her former husband, the judge said: "I am not necessarily asking you to hand [the jewellery] back to her.

"But, if she comes home and finds them sitting on the dressing table that's OK. Somehow it may just magically happen."

The judge said that after the marriage had irretrievably broken down, the man had attempted to put money "beyond the reach" of his ex-wife.

He said of the woman's ex-husband: "He oozes great charm but is also garrulous, relentless and unyielding.

"I can well understand how the wife has found the husband a difficult man to deal with."

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