Mark Duggan jury to hear gun evidence

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Media captionJurors at the inquest into the death of Mark Duggan visited the site of the shooting

Jurors at the inquest into the death of Mark Duggan have been told they will hear evidence about whether a gun found 10 to 20 feet away from the site of the shooting was "planted" by police.

The 29-year-old was shot by officers in Tottenham, north London, in August 2011, which sparked riots in England.

Ashley Underwood QC said the jury will hear evidence from a woman who lived nearby, known as Miss J.

The jurors at the inquest are currently visiting the site of the shooting.

Mr Duggan was shot in Ferry Lane after he got out of a minicab which had been forced to stop by armed officers.

The inquest has been told the police had intelligence he was in possession of a gun.

The jury has heard that the officer who fired the fatal shot said he was acting in self-defence, believing Mr Duggan had a gun in his hand and he was bringing it out, presenting a threat to the officer.

Image caption Mark Duggan's family watched as the inquest jury toured the scene
Image caption Ferry Lane was closed so the jury could inspect the road
Image caption The coroner examined a replica of the mini cab Mr Duggan was travelling in

After the shooting the police expected to find a gun under Mark Duggan's body.

But they said they discovered a gun 10ft to 20ft away on the other side of some railings, the inquest heard.

Mr Underwood said: "I need to explore with Miss J whether her evidence suggests a police officer took the gun from the minicab and planted it.

"All of that evidence will give you the opportunity to explore that possibility."

Emotional family

The site visit by jurors to the scene began at 13:00 BST and lasted about an hour.

Traffic on the busy road was stopped and a silver people carrier was parked at the scene to replicate the mini cab that Mr Duggan was travelling in prior to being shot.

The coroner, Judge Keith Cutler, led the jury to the vehicle and invited them to sit inside before taking them to a grass area a few metres away which is where the gun was found after the shooting.

About a dozen of Mr Duggan's family, including his aunt, Carole Duggan and sibling Shaun Hall, also visited the site.

Some of the group were visibly emotional as they surveyed the area.

Earlier the jury was taken to Vicarage Road in Leyton, which is where Mr Duggan was allegedly given a handgun by Kevin Hutchinson-Foster.

They were then taken to Ferry Lane in Tottenham via the same route Mr Duggan took before the shooting.

Hutchinson-Foster has been jailed for giving Mr Duggan a gun after he was convicted in a trial at the Old Bailey earlier this year.

The inquest jury has already been told Hutchinson-Foster will claim he did not provide Mr Duggan with the gun.

The inquest continues.

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