Southbank development: Designs for new skatepark released

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42 Architects' vision for new site
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Rich Architecture's design
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SNE Architects' design for the new centre

Designs have been unveiled for a new skatepark in London to replace the one on the Southbank, despite campaigners' rejection.

The Southbank Centre has published three options for a skatepark to replace the current one in the undercroft by the Royal Festival Hall.

It wants to demolish that as part of a multi-million pound development.

But Long Live Southbank said it wants to stay in the space its skaters and graffiti artists have used for decades.

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Skateboarders say The Undercroft has an extensive history that cannot be recreated in a new location

The entertainment centre wants to move the skatepark to the Hungerford Bridge which is just over 100m (330ft) away.

Artistic director Jude Kelly said the designs showed it wanted skating and other urban arts to flourish.

"We also understand that community sites like these are enormously enhanced by organic development through the use and input of the users themselves, which is why I emphasise that these designs are not set in stone," she said.

Henry Edwards-Wood, spokesman for campaign group Long Live Southbank, said: "The conversation which should be being had is the preservation of the iconic undercroft.

"This is what tens of thousands of Londoners and visitors to London have signed up to support and this is the conversation the Southbank Centre are refusing to have."

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