In Pictures: Weigh-in for London Zoo's animal residents

image captionZoo keepers have begun the long process of measuring and weighing every creature at London Zoo for their annual audit.
image captionKeepers found that female two-humped camel Noemie had lost weight since last year, despite coming in at 625kg (98 stone).
image captionJungle nymph stick insects, waxy monkey frogs and giant African land snails were among creatures being measured up.
image captionZookeeper Paul Kybet used horse meat to tempt Sumatran tiger Jae Jae to stand up against a measuring tape.
image captionThe zoo is home to more than 19,000 creatures, and its audit is a task that sometimes requires big scales, a long measuring tape and a lot of patience.
image captionLondon Zoo said the weigh-in helped it track the health of animals and the data was often shared with other zoos and conservation projects around the world.

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