Skull rebuilt after King's College Hospital brain surgery

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Media captionDanny Elphick underwent emergency brain surgery for a fungal infection

A man who had surgery to rebuild his skull is to take part in a charity abseil for the unit that "gave me my life back".

Danny Elphick was diagnosed with a fungal infection of the skull in 2011 and underwent an 11-hour operation at King's College Hospital.

The surgery removed part of his skull leaving a large dent.

On Sunday, Mr Elphick and surgeon Robert Bentley will abseil 100ft down the hospital's Golden Jubilee Wing.

Mr Elphick said the neurosurgeons "basically gave me my life back".

Image caption It was nine months before Mr Elphick's removed skull was repaired

He was admitted to the intensive care unit at the hospital after a CT scan found his bad flu had turned into sinusitis and spread to his brain.

Irfan Malik, neurosurgeon at the hospital said: "When we did the scan we found there was evidence of empyema in the brain and then we went into his detailed history and we realised he had sinusitis, and from the sinusitis problem it had spread to the brain.

"We removed the major skull bone to give the brain more space to expand for when it was swollen and angry."

Nine months after his surgery Mr Elphic returned to hospital to have a specially designed titanium plate inserted over the section of the removed skull.

He said: "I didn't really have a life before because obviously it's difficult to go around with no skull, because you're obviously very conscious of that. Mentally it was quite difficult.

"Life changing is the only way I can really describe it."

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