Man detained over pensioner Eleftheria Demetriou killing

A mentally-ill man who stabbed a woman to death in north London after he stopped taking his medication has been detained indefinitely in hospital.

Hakim Abdillahi, 38, repeatedly stabbed Eleftheria Demetriou, 79, in Morant Place, Wood Green, last August believing her to be the "antichrist".

Abdillahi, of Morant Place, admitted manslaughter at the Old Bailey.

The "gentle and quiet" man had been friends with the victim and called her "grandma", the jury heard.

Sentencing, Judge Richard Hone QC, said: "What you did almost defies rational explanation."

'Acutely psychotic'

The killer, who was being treated for personality disorder, had come to the UK from the African country Djibouti in 1999 pretending to be six years younger.

A month before the attack the killer was discharged from St Ann's Hospital in Haringey and his behaviour soon became increasingly erratic.

In the weeks before the attack, Abdillahi had turned to cannabis and khat after he stopped taking his medication, the court heard.

Days before the attack he called the police and told them he was being "picked on" and a few days later he called officers again to say "the holy spirit was in him" and he had been taken by demons.

After the attack it was Abdillahi who called 999 and when police arrived he told them: "I was told to deal with her - you should be happy the antichrist is dead", Kaly Kaul QC, prosecuting, said.

The grandmother died from multiple wounds to the heart and spleen.

In a victim impact statement, the pensioner's son Marios Demetriou said he was heartbroken and his whole family was in counselling.

Mr Demetriou said his seven-year-old daughter was so affected by her grandmother's death she could not go to school and had nightmares that Abdillahi would kill her.

Defending Abdillahi, Ross Johnson said the defendant had a history of self-harming and depression and had been diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder.

Mr Johnson said the killer had a "catastrophic collapse in his mental health" and was "acutely psychotic on the day of the killing".

"But he currently has no insight in to what he has done," he added.

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