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The desperate 999 calls which led to murder

image captionEdgington had been sectioned after she killed her mother in 2005

Knife killer Nicola Edgington made a series of desperate 999 calls hours before she went on to attack two women.

In one call to the emergency services she warned: "I need for the police to come because I've had a nervous breakdown before and I killed someone."

In fact she had stabbed her mother to death in 2005 before being placed in a psychiatric hospital from where she was released in 2009.

However, on 10 October 2011, she visited two hospitals where she made 999 calls and asked to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act,

But Edgington, 32, from Greenwich, south London, eventually walked out and stabbed Sally Hodkin, 58, and Kerry Clark, then 22, in Bexleyheath.

In the first 999 call, at 0452 GMT, she said: "The last time I was like this I killed someone. Could you please send a car now please."

Later, she phoned again and demanded: "You need to come to Queen Elizabeth Hospital and take me into custody because I'm feeling very scared and paranoid and my psychiatrist told me when I'm feeling like this I can be extremely dangerous.

"I don't wan to start hurting anyone, I want to hand myself in now before I start hurting anyone please."

In a further call, she insisted: "Can you send the police. I'm a very dangerous schizophrenic and if you don't come and help me I'm going to end up hurting someone.

"I'm getting more and more dangerous. The more scared I get the more dangerous I'm getting."

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