Woman killed after 'New Year resolution not to hit her'

A Fiat Stilo, the car in which the suspect is alleged to have fled with the victim, is removed by police
Image caption The prosecution said Kirsty Treloar's body was found in Myles Williams' car

A man killed his girlfriend within hours of making a New Year resolution never to hurt her, a court has heard.

Kirsty Treloar, 20, was stabbed 29 times on 2 January - three weeks after she gave birth, the Old Bailey was told.

In a text message at 23:00 GMT the day before, Myles Williams, 19, of Clapton, east London, promised he would never hit her again.

He denies murder, attempted murder and wounding with intent.

The court heard he broke into Miss Treloar's family home and attacked her, her brother and her sister before forcing Miss Treloar into his car and driving off.

'Conditional resolution'

Mr Williams, of Pond Farm Estate, Millfields Road, earlier sent a text message saying: "Okay wer all gud now and my new yrs ressy is that i aint going to hit u again and i won't hit u 4 this yr next yr the yr after that the next yr after that."

He went on to say he wanted her to swear on their daughter's life she wouldn't do anything to make him angry before ending the message with "love you 4 eva".

Crispin Aylett QC, prosecuting, said: "This can only be described as a conditional New Year's resolution.

"It lasted only until the following morning."

Seven hours after sending his text, he received a reply at 06.30 GMT on 2 January from Miss Treloar saying she did not want to see him.

Mr Williams attacked her at her family home in Brownlow Road, Hackney, east London, the court heard.

When her brother Dean, 23, and sister Gemma, 24, tried to help they were also knifed, it was alleged.

Mr Treloar was stabbed in the chest, while his sister was cut on her arm, said Mr Aylett.

Kirsty Treloar was dragged into Mr Williams' car. Her body was found in the car after it was abandoned two miles away.

Mr Aylett said the couple began their relationship a year earlier.

Soon Miss Treloar was pregnant.

Kicked door down

In December last year, Mr Williams was charged with threatening behaviour after he allegedly dragged her along the street.

"Despite the defendant's bail condition, the pair of them continued to meet up over the Christmas period," he added.

On January 2, Mr Williams kicked in a kitchen window and the bedroom door which the two sisters had locked.

In a recording of her 999 call, Miss Treloar can be heard pleading, "Myles, please don't".

Mr Aylett said: "He hit her a number of times. He then started stabbing her with the knife."

He complained that Kirsty's family had been trying to get him sent to prison, Mr Aylett said.

"The defendant then dragged his half-dead girlfriend out onto the street and into his car.

"He could be heard shouting: 'I just stabbed her' and 'she's dead, she ain't breathing'."

The case continues.

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