London 2012: Games Lanes proving unpopular

"You can't have the Games without some pain."

The Transport Commissioner Peter Hendy has always spoken his mind and those words are no exception.

The previous message had been: "London is open for business" but that has changed into this rather more blunt offering.

Mr Hendy was talking about the controversial Games Lanes for Olympic only traffic.

They are meant to get athletes and officials and IOC delegates to venues on time.

Most of them haven't even been turned on yet and they are already deeply unpopular.

Of course you cannot hold arguably the biggest event on the planet and not expect some disruption. Londoners will, it seems, have to bite the bullet.

Here's a video piece I've done on the latest complainants - cyclists.

Only the "Olympic family" like the lanes and even they keep it quiet.

Transport for London hardly defended them, neither does London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Remember he delayed their introduction by a few days.

Both pass the buck saying, "it's part of the IOC contract".

The problem is they are a real hard sell, especially when the emphasis is on this being a public transport games.

And when the Olympics are meant to be about taking part and being inclusive, the lanes are the exact opposite - elitist, divisive and what they will do is to make life worse for nearly everyone else.

And if you thought the old M4 bus lane was unpopular, the Games Lanes are in a whole different world of resentment.

Let me know what you think.

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