Protester barred from all Jubilee and Games events

Simon Moore
Image caption Mr Moore is banned from going within 100 yards of all Olympic venues

A man barred from protesting at the site of an Olympic basketball training facility has been ordered by a court to stay away from all Games venues.

Simon Moore was jailed in April after admitting to public order offences over a protest at Leyton Marsh, east London.

Westminster Magistrates' Court granted an interim anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) extending the ban to every 2012 venue and Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

The Asbo will last until June when the court will decide whether to extend it.

Breach the ban

The new Asbo prevents Mr Moore, 29, from going within 100yd of any venue, event, participant or route relating to the Olympic Torch Relay, the Games or Diamond Jubilee.

In April, he spent five days in jail over blocking access to the building site.

Police sought the latest injunction against him following his release.

In mid-June the court will review the case and decide whether the ban should be extended for up to two years.

Following the order Mr Moore told the court that he would continue to protest on Leyton Marsh.

He told BBC London he had no intention of going to any of the other sites but he wanted to continue his protest at Leyton Marsh because he was opposed to the building of the facility on what is a metropolitan open land.

He also said it was unjust to ignore voices of the local people.

Mr Moore said: "I think it is an attempt to stifle protest ultimately, because if it wasn't why would it contain the type of prohibitions it contains.

"Peaceful protest is not dangerous but fundamentally necessary for a democracy to function properly.

"What is going on at Leyton Marsh is honest and reasonable behaviour."

The court acknowledged that his behaviour has been largely peaceful.

Mr Moore could face up to five years in jail if he breaches the court order.

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