London election 2012: BNP call for free weekend travel

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Media captionCarlos Cortiglia

The British National Party (BNP) candidate for London's mayoral election has said free weekend travel is one of his "aspirations" if he becomes mayor.

Carlos Cortiglia said free travel would be "fair for families".

But when asked how much it would cost to implement he said: "I don't give appreciations in terms of numbers."

Londoners are due to go to the polls on Thursday, 3 May. The other candidates are yet to comment on Mr Cortiglia's policies.

The BNP candidate said he believed free travel at weekends would be "fair in terms of families, in terms of giving them access to London".

'Already overcrowded'

Addressing the costs of the proposal, he said he did not think that any of the candidates, including Boris Johnson, had worked it out yet.

"They don't have the magic ball to determine what will be the rate of inflation or council tax into budgets."

Mr Cortiglia's policies on immigration include a proposal for no amnesty for illegal immigrants.

His party's manifesto said: "London is already overcrowded. All the other political parties will let in more - we'll shut the door!"

Another of his policies is to campaign for a minimum five-year prison term for knife crime offenders.

Asked how the BNP could bring about legislation change without members in Parliament, he replied: "The mayor has a political influence to set the political agenda."

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