London mayoral candidates publish tax records

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Media captionThe mayoral candidates clashed over transport fares during the Newsnight debate

Four London mayoral candidates have published their tax records, after a row over tax payments.

Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone, Brian Paddick and Jenny Jones published the information after the Conservative and Labour candidates clashed this week.

Mr Johnson and Mr Livingstone have accused each other of avoiding tax payments on their incomes.

It prompted a pledge from all four during a BBC Newsnight debate on Wednesday to make their records public.

In the 2010-11 tax year, Conservative Mr Johnson paid £210,410 income tax on an income of £473,280.

Labour's Mr Livingstone paid £22,691 tax on an income of £94,568. He also paid £11,970 in corporation tax.

Liberal Democrat Mr Paddick paid £14,534 in tax on an income of £76,804.

And Green Party candidate Ms Jones paid £15,577 in income tax on an income of £63,028.

Row in lift

Mr Johnson said: "Last night every candidate gave an unequivocal promise on national TV to release all their earnings, whether through a company or not, and all the income tax they paid on all those earnings.

"I have done that today and I would expect, and am sure Londoners would also expect, all candidates to keep their promises."

Mr Johnson told BBC presenter Jeremy Paxman he would not apologise to his Labour rival for calling him a liar in a lift after the LBC radio debate .

Image caption Boris Johnson refused to apologise for calling Ken Livingstone a liar

But Green Party mayoral candidate Ms Jones said: "Why don't we end this by everybody just publishing what they earn and then what they pay in tax?"

Mr Livingstone said: "It is because they are desperate for the election not to centre on the real issues that deeply affect Londoners' living standards that the Conservative candidate and his leading media-backers have raised issues about my income and tax and that of my wife.

"I will lodge the details for the last four years with an independent body or individual, to be published simultaneously when all four main candidates have provided them.

"I will set out income to my company over the last four years, how much my wife and I received and how much tax was paid.

"Full household income and tax must be released by all candidates because the question of the overall household income and tax has continuously been the subject.

"This fully meets the terms agreed on Newsnight."

The radio clash followed weeks of claims that Mr Livingstone was paid via a company, Silveta Ltd, so he was only liable for corporation tax at 20%, rather than paying full income tax.

But Mr Livingstone said his Conservative rival had used "the same arrangement" when an MP, which prompted Mr Johnson to call him a "bare-faced liar".

The Lib Dem candidate, a former Metropolitan Police officer who witnessed the the clash in the lift, joked: "I didn't know whether to prevent a breach of the peace or arrest you [Boris Johnson] for threatening behaviour in that lift."

The London mayoral and assembly elections take place on 3 May.

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