London mayor election: Ken Livingstone in lower fares pledge

Ken Livingstone
Image caption Mr Livingstone is aiming for his third term as London mayor

Labour's Ken Livingstone has launched his transport manifesto, saying he will save Londoners on average £1,000 in fares if elected mayor.

He vowed to cut prices by 7%, saving Londoners the sum over four years.

Mr Livingstone said: "My transport policy is to make it cheaper for Londoners to get around."

But a Conservative Party spokesman said: "Ken Livingstone is making promises that he has already admitted he cannot keep."

Lib Dem deputy mayoral candidate Caroline Pidgeon said the manifesto was "just a long list of uncosted promises".

Green Party mayoral candidate Jenny Jones said: "We want low fares and major investment in public transport and cycling."

London's mayoral elections will take place on 3 May.

'Last chance'

Mr Livingstone launched what he called a "London Travel Voucher" which he promised "£1,000 off London Tube, bus and Overground".

Image caption Mr Livingstone said the voucher will only be valid if he is elected as London mayor

"I am saying to Londoners - keep hold of this voucher so that you have physical evidence of my promise to cut your fares," he said.

"The voucher will be available online from today, but will only be valid if I am elected as mayor on 3 May."

Other pledges in Mr Livingstone's transport manifesto include bringing suburban rail services into London Overground, and a guarantee to protect the Freedom Pass for people aged 60 and over.

He also pledged to freeze the Congestion Charge for four years and to build the case for new transport links including Crossrail 2, and an expanded Docklands Light Railway and Croydon Tram service.

A Conservative spokesman said: "When he [Mr Livingstone] was mayor he twice promised not to increase fares - and twice he broke that promise with inflation busting rises as high as 43%.

"In this election, Ken Livingstone is saying his cuts will come from TfL's 'excess profit'.

'Cannot keep promises'

"But while mayor he said that there is no such thing as 'excess profit', saying 'we are not allowed to make a profit'."

The spokesman added: "Now that there's an election, Ken Livingstone is making promises that in his own words, he cannot keep."

The Lib Dem's Ms Pidgeon said: "This election is his last chance to be mayor, and he will say anything to get re-elected.

"Ken Livingstone can say what he likes, no one trusts him after years of broken promises. He continues to fail to explain how he will increase services and cut fares."

The Green Party's Ms Jones said: "Lower fares are essential for London's hard pressed commuters, but if we want low fares and major investment in public transport and cycling, particularly in Outer London, then we need to replace the congestion charge with a system of pay as you go driving.

"We think it is reasonable that motorists should pay slightly more in order that those using public transport can pay less."

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