London 2012: Uni term 'cut due to US Olympic team'

Students at a university in Stratford which will host the US Olympic team claim their term has been cut short to accommodate the competitors.

Final year students at the University of East London have to submit their dissertations earlier than usual.

They say this has put them at a disadvantage.

The university said there had not been a "foreshortening" of the academic calendar, but timetables had been slightly "advanced".

'Student life-cycle'

It added that a new sports complex built for the Games would benefit students.

The campus will be used as a training base but that also means some facilities will be unavailable to students.

Student Jenia Allen said: "Final year students have to submit their dissertations a month early so we just feel that we are at a disadvantage to previous students."

Charlotte Cooper, a third year student who will be employed at the Games, recognised that the event was bringing benefits, but said she was "disappointed the deadline dates have been moved" because of the extra pressure.

Dusty Amroliwala, the university's pro vice-chancellor, said: "There has not been a foreshortening of the academic calendar.

"What students are experiencing is a move of that calendar very slightly, advancing the timetables."

He said pressure was part of the "life-cycle of being a student" and often students leave work till "late in the day".

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