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East London father haunted by sons' radicalism

image captionElias Adam's son, Anthony Garcia, was jailed in 2007 for plotting to blow up Bluewater

A father with three sons linked to terrorism has said he had no idea they had been radicalised.

Algerian Elias Adam, who brought up his family in Ilford, east London, has one son, better known as Antony Garcia, in jail for plotting bombings in London.

A second is on the run abroad despite being on a control order, and a third is thought to have been killed in an American drone strike in Pakistan.

Mr Adam says he is still haunted by what had happened to his family.

His eldest son Rahman, 29, moved to England with the family at the age of five and changed his named to Antony Garcia in 2003.

In 2007 he was jailed for life after being convicted of plotting to blow up the Ministry of Sound nightclub and Bluewater shopping centre with a fertiliser bomb.

Mr Adam's other sons, Lamine, 31, and Ibrahim, 24, were also suspected of being involved in terrorism.

'Killed by drone'

They were placed on control orders in 2006 but a month after their brother was jailed they managed to leave the country.

This was the last time Mr Adam saw them. He said: "I had the feeling as a father, they are not coming back I know that."

On Friday it was reported his youngest son had been killed by a missile fired by an unmanned US drone in Waziristan on the Afghanistan border - a centre of al-Qaeda activity.

The Foreign Office has not confirmed reports of his death, which it is suspected may have happened up to three months ago, but said it was aware of reports and was looking into them.

image captionLamine (L) and Ibrahim Adam were placed on control orders in 2006

Mr Adam, a writer and former council worker, said he only found out about the death through the media, and his family was devastated.

He has insisted that he had no idea his sons had been radicalised.

Blaming Western foreign policy for how his sons have turned out, he said despite what they had been accused of he would always love them.

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