Bendy buses: Not everyone wants them scrapped

Here's a TV piece I've done on the continuing demise of the bendy bus. From talking to passengers, not everyone thinks scrapping them is a good idea.

The Liberal Democrats on the London Assembly are also concerned at what it will do to the capacity on those bus routes.

Transport for London (TfL) admits it is re-jigging capacity to fit demand and peak hours. But the concern is there will be less capacity during the day and at weekends.

Also it's emerged that getting rid of "bendies" will cost £300k a year more, as well as a one-off payment of £2.2million to bus operators.

TfL says that's balanced out with predicted savings of £7.4million by reducing fare evasion.

Not everyone is happy to see them go and the Lib Dems think they should be kept on some routes.

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