Stratford platforms raised to host Javelin trains

I've discovered that half of the platforms at Stratford International are not the right height and are being raised to make them suitable for the High Speed (HS1) Javelin trains.

The reason this has happened is the station was originally designed for the lower Eurostar service but, as I've reported before, that service won't stop there during the Games.

This is the international station with no international trains.

However, I am told there is some confidence Eurostar will eventually stop there after the 2012 Olympics.

The platforms' extension is being made out of wood and it is thought the work will cost £1m.

I'm told that it will be paid for by the Olympic Delivery Authority.

As the extensions are built from wood, they can be removed if Eurostar decides to stop there post-Olympics.

All four platforms will be ready for testing for the opening of Stratford Westfield next week and will enable 12 trains an hour during the Olympics.

Southeastern's high speed service already stops at Stratford International from St Pancras International.

During the Games, the service will be rebranded as the "Javelin" service and increase in frequency and use the four platforms.

It will mean spectators can get from central London to Stratford in seven minutes and will be a crucial transport link.

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