Metropolitan Police raid 'terrifies' Harlesden family

A couple from north-west London have criticised armed officers who forced their way into their home, believing it was being used for "criminal activity".

Leonie Reece and Delroy Gardner said they and their three children had been terrified during the raid in Harlesden.

Scotland Yard said "intelligence" had been received about firearms and theft offences and it "had a responsibility" to act, but added nothing was found.

The couple said they were not involved with crime and demanded an apology.

Officers "needed to get their information straight" before conducting such operations, Mr Gardner said.

Door damaged

His partner said bright lights had been shone into their house at about 02:00 BST on Wednesday and armed officers had told the family to slowly walk outside.

"My son then froze," said Miss Reece.

"He wouldn't go out as the guns were all pointing towards us."

The Metropolitan Police said a lock and a door had been damaged and, although it had not received a complaint about this, it had given the couple "clear guidance" on how these would be fixed.

Mr Gardner and Miss Reece were also handed a copy of the police search warrant and accompanying documents explaining "the legal powers under which entry had been forced" and their rights, police added.

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