Driving through (and around) Wapping's Olympic Lane

Here is a story I've done on the proposed Olympics Lanes and the anger that they are causing in some quarters.

In Wapping, east London, many of the people I spoke to said they did not know about Transport for London's consultation on the lanes and they feel extremely angry about the plans.

Four pedestrian crossings will be removed and there is a concern that this could lead to fatalities.

Motorists and residents are also going to be hemmed in by the Games Lanes.

It is interesting that the Mayor's Office have already cut the number of pedestrian crossings they will close, and it looks like they plan to reduce the number even more.

But the concern from black cabbies is going to rumble on.

Last time I heard the Mayor Boris Johnson talk about letting black cabs in the lanes he said it would be virtually impossible.

The cabbies I spoke to also point out that not allowing right turns and U-turns on the lanes will also prevent them getting around easily and add to the congestion.

These "Games Lanes" are a sore point and insiders concede they will add to the congestion.

Segregating traffic with its echoes of "zil lanes" is a difficult sell anyway even when it is for the Olympics.