East Ham Sainsbury's petrol station gas pipe ruptures

Cordon (Library)
Image caption Police cordoned off the petrol station

Emergency services cordoned off a supermarket petrol station in east London after a liquid petroleum gas pipe ruptured.

Firefighters set up a 200m (656ft) exclusion zone around the Sainsbury's forecourt in Clapsgate Lane, East Ham, after the incident at about 0800 GMT.

The forecourt and neighbouring supermarket were evacuated until a specialist engineer could arrive.

The problem was fixed by about 1330 GMT and the store reopened shortly after.

A London Fire Brigade spokesman said: "The delivery pipe was ruptured.

"We created an exclusion zone and stood by until an engineer could arrive."

A Sainsbury's spokesman said: "Our store and petrol station were evacuated this morning, after a possible gas leak was reported.

"These steps were taken as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers and colleagues.

"We have since been given permission to reopen the store and the petrol station."

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