City lawyer who conned bank told to repay £2m

A lawyer jailed for conning millions from a bank to help a friend's airline has been told to repay more than £2m.

Kate Johns, the former deputy head of Tokyo Mitsubishi's legal section, asked colleagues to approve letters of credit for Indonesian carrier Air Efata.

The offences, which took place in 2006, cost the bank about £7.7m. Air Efata shut down and its boss killed himself.

Southwark Crown Court told Mrs Johns, 40, of Gloucester Avenue, Camden Town, north London, to pay within six months.

Her personal assets which could be recovered by the authorities were thought to be worth £2.1m. This included her share of the family home, about £100,000 worth of jewellery and a credit card with more than £10,000 credit.

If Mrs Johns fails to settle the amount she faces a 10-year jail term.

Declared bankrupt

In February, the £150,000-a-year lawyer was convicted of 12 offences committed between 11 May and 25 October in 2006 and jailed for five years.

She received pay-offs of £1.95m, £1.1m of which was used to clear the mortgage on the Camden townhouse.

During her trial the court heard she had received another £1.05m from airline boss Frank Taira-Supit, 58, before the scam, which she claimed was for legal advice.

At the time of her sentencing the court heard that no costs would be awarded because Johns had been declared bankrupt.

The court heard Johns' husband has filed for divorce.

Following the hearing her barrister, Peter Lownds, said Johns plans to lodge an appeal against her sentence.

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