Girls 'kicked' Ian Baynham during 'homophobic attack'

Ian Baynham
Image caption Ian Baynham died 18 days after the attack in 2009

Two teenage girls "put the boot in" to a fatally injured man in Trafalgar Square after he was subjected to homophobic taunts, a court has heard.

The jury heard Ian Baynham, 62, was punched by Joel Alexander and was unconscious after his head hit the ground, fracturing his skull, in 2009.

Ruby Thomas and Rachel Burke began kicking his head and stamping on his chest, the court was told.

Ms Thomas, 18, and Mr Alexander, 20, both from London, deny manslaughter.

Brian Altman QC, prosecuting, said the incident began on 25 September when Ms Thomas, aged 17 at the time, began insulting Mr Baynham as he walked past them with a friend.

"Ruby Thomas was quite deliberately and provocatively hurling homophobic abuse," he said.

A confrontation broke out with Ms Thomas allegedly hitting Mr Baynham and striking him with her handbag.

Mr Baynham then grabbed Ms Burke and hit her before Mr Alexander delivered a "devastating punch" to his jaw.

'Completely distressed'

Mr Altman added: "The story of this case is the all-too-familiar story of drunkenness and loutish behaviour, though these defendants went far beyond anti-social behaviour."

He added: "They put the boot into Mr Baynham who was clearly flat out on his back, unconscious and completely distressed."

Mr Baynham died 18 days later after a skull fracture and brain damage caused by the fall, the court heard.

Ms Thomas of Bourdon Road, Anerley, and Mr Alexander of Talbot Road, Thornton Heath, both south-east London, deny manslaughter.

Mr Altman told the jurors they should not speculate on why Ms Burke was not in the dock.

The trial continues.

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