Surgeons to aid Met Police knife crime fight


Surgeons and police officers have agreed at a conference in London to work together to reduce the harm caused by knife injuries.

The Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland [ASGBI] and Metropolitan Police shared techniques to reduce serious injury from knives.

They agreed to provide stab injury training for surgeons and share data on locations and types of knives used.

The Ministry of Health is providing £700,000 to help fund the programme.

Health Minister Anne Milton said: "Health professionals treat victims of knife crime, and the intelligence they gain should be shared with police to prevent further crime and serious injuries to innocent people.

"By working together in this way, I am confident that we can reduce violent crime and make all our communities safer."

'Horrific injuries'

Mike Horrocks, president of the ASGBI, said: "Thankfully, treating stab wounds remains a relatively small part of the surgical workload in most local hospitals.

"But surgeons working in these centres must have access to the best possible training and resources to deal with the horrific injuries caused by knives.

"If we can map out where and when these assaults are likely to happen we can make sure that staff are available in the right place at the right time."

Last year some 4,600 people were admitted to hospital in England with knife wounds.

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